It is with great pleasure to announce our Spring performance and activities featuring guest artist, Colin McGuire. 

The Central MN Youth Orchestra would like to humbly thank the Central MN Arts Board for funding this opportunity allowing us to share beautiful and powerful experiences with the students and the region. A Special Thank You to CMYO's Visionary & Spring Concert Sponsor
Schmitt Music


Colin Mcguire will perform the three movement piece, “Schindler’s List” composed by John Williams. The piece centers around the story about Oskar Schindler who risked his business and life for the sake of saving 1,200 Jews from horrific exterminations during World War II.  At first, his intentions was to improve his business’ efficiency by joining the Nazi party and employing Jews into his factory in occupied Poland.  Once the Jewish exterminations began, he realized the horror that was happening and requested that his Jewish workers be given protection rights while they were employed in his factory.  Schindler was honored In doing so, he had saved many lives.  Read a testimony from one of the survivors here.

..."Three and a half weeks in  Auschwitz was a lifetime. And then Oskar sent his secretary with  diamonds to get his 300 women workers back. We were the only ones ever let out of Auschwitz alive. And when the train doors opened, Oskar was on the platform offering us soup. I will never forget that. For the last  seven months of the war, he took care of us while hundreds of thousands  of other Jews were herded into Germany and killed.

"At  the end, he gave himself up to the Americans - the Russians would have  killed him - and we gave him letters of support. Within a short time, we  went back to our home in Krakow. My mother and I were the only ones  from our community to return, and if it was not for Oskar I wouldn't be  here today. He gave us life."

The moral of the story? "Forget about hate," Rena Finder said, "but don't be afraid to speak up for what is right."

At  the point when he could walk away from the war a rich man while his  Jewish workers died in Auschwitz, Schindler spent every penny he had to bribe Goeth and other Nazi officials to move 1,200 Jews out of Poland to  the relative safety of a new factory in Czechoslovakia.
After  the war, he was reduced to receiving assistance from Jewish  organisations, and died penniless in 1974, at the age of 66.  At his own request, he was buried in Jerusalem, and to this day no-one knows what his motives were.  - Larry Smith, Tribune242


Beethoven’s style has been known from many as revolutionary, heroic, and powerful.  During his time, he composed the Symphony No. 3 and called it “Eroica” which means Heroic.  This was considered one of the most beloved symphony’s he had composed.  As years past, Beethoven Symphony No. 5 started to gain ground and favor.  In the 1900s, the piece has been featured on war films and other accompaniments of war heroism.  For this performance, the students will perform the 1st movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 displaying much of the power and strength that is portrayed in this great work.


In the fall, the Cadenza ensemble performed the string version of Finlandia’s Theme also known as “Be Still My Soul” which has a beautiful and patriotic melody.  The full scoring of Finland is written as a tone poem.  One could say the poem depicts the coming of a war, a confrontation and heroic battle ensued between the trodding strings and brass, and ending with a strong victory and celebration.  This Spring, the students will perform the full length and full score version of Finlandia by Sibelius.


Colin McGuire, violin

Growing up in Mankato, MN, Colin began his study of the violin at the age of 4. He was greatly influenced from his studies with Patti Tryhus and Marilyn Bos in Mankato. Colin is grateful for the lifelong musical impact of his brother and teacher, Peter McGuire,Principal 2nd Violin Of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Colin has been fortunate enough to perform in a variety of ensembles and settings. Colin holds a permanent seat in the Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra as Associate Concertmaster. He returned to Minnesota after playing full time with the Thunder Bay and the Spokane Symphony. Other orchestral opportunities have arisen with the Minnesota Orchestra, Mill City Opera, Music St. Croix, and various other orchestras and ensembles the region.

Colin has enjoyed wonderful opportunities to perform and travel as a soloist and chamber musician. Recently, he has enjoyed the formation of the Hennepin String Quartet along with performances with larger Chamber ensembles, where performances have ranged from German Salon music to a chamber reduction of Mahler Symphony No. 4.

Colin is also a tennis teaching pro and coach.


The large ensemble will have a reading of the music on January 12th.  Prelude and Cadenza will begin rehearsals in February.  A new schedule will be release on the week of the Christmas holiday.

The Intermezzo and Encore will join together with local professionals to play the larger symphonic works (including woodwinds, brass, percussion) while Cadenza will perform string works that are suited for their skill level while maintaining the concerts theme. 

Students will participate in a Discovery Class learning about influences in Beethoven’s life, dig deeper into historical facts surrounding the events of our concerts selections, and continue to learn theory, ear training, conducting, and critical conductor score study (Beethoven Symphony No. 5).
Colin MCGuire will conduct a string masterclass for students involved in the program.  This will give students a hands-on professional who will give them feedback on playing techniques and ideas for practicing.

Also, the students will visit select schools this Spring performing prepared selections.  A CMYO field trip to a professional ensemble will be finalized for this Spring. 

CMYO will continue to shape the program towards a symphonic experience for the advance ensembles.  This performance will give the students a taste of great possibilities and experiences they can expect in the future. In a way, this is History in the Making.