Steve Brehmer graduated from Minnesota State University with degrees in physics and chemistry and earned a Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota. For the first twelve years of his career he taught a bit of everything, including physics, chemistry, physical science and computer programming in a small rural school about one hour south of Minneapolis. During the last 21 years he has been fortunate enough to specialize in teaching honors and A.P. physics at Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota.

Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to be a part of teacher development workshops at many of the leading universities and national labs, including the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab and the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

As a finalist for the Teacher in Space and the Educator Astronaut program Steve made a connection with NASA that has allowed him to participate in training at all of their regional centers. Bringing those experiences back to the classroom, his students designed and built two experiments that flew in the cargo bay of the Shuttle, and one on NASA's zero-gravity plane. 

Travel has also been a big part of his teaching career, a highlight being an exchange he organized between Russian and Mayo students to see rocket launches in Russia and the U.S. Facilitating Science Olympiad, environmental action club, and political involvement activities were also important in helping many of his students see how the science they learn in the classroom can be applied in their lives.

He is a retired physics teacher from Mayo High School in Rochester and currently teaches a physics class for education majors at the University of Minnesota and Augsurg College.